First Features



before we took a trip to chinatown...

There was that Knife in the Water that somehow floated by.  Before Kubrick took us on A Space Odyssey, he gave us Fear and Desire. Before Psycho, there was Blackmail.  Before The Godfather, there was… Dementia 13?

Before Citizen Kane there was…  Well,  Citizen Kane.

Some debut feature films have since became classics, while others somehow were lost along the way.  Well, we've found them, watched them, packaged them and now are shipping them to a theater near you – (more about that later).

Our compilation of films is comprised of the premier work from Bergman to Burton and all in between – (or hovering nearby).  And although the styles and approaches may be vastly different among these directors, they all share the same idea:  If you can imagine something, you can bring it to life. Whether this means imagining within your means for the time being, (like Sidney Lumet setting his entire film in a single room, or Polanski, giving us only three characters to connect with) imaginations were at work, no doubt.  And it is within these imaginations where we have been able to share moments with complete strangers from across the globe— moments within a film, within a theater, that we recognize to be extraordinary, or worth talking about, at least.

So, join the conversation at the First Features Film Festival, where you can see these debut feature films the way they were meant to be seen:  In a theater. Because since the Nickelodeon Theater first opened in Pittsburgh, PA on June 19, 1905, there has never been a better way to experience a film than in a movie theater.

(Concept  and website created by Chris Turiello)