First Features

Mission Statement



First Features is an organization created to DISCOVER the earliest work of the masters of cinema, to RECOGNIZE their process and ambition, and to EDUCATE the master filmmakers of the future.  Become a FF Member today and stay current on everything FF!



First Features is an independent association, based in New York City, providing content and community for cinefiles, students, and professionals in the art of film.  As a new institute, open to the public, FF relies on the support from the community to provide beneficial programs and projects.



FF Website provides a database of directors bios, film synopsis’, cast & crew, behind the scenes photos and ‘FF Specs’ (including the directors age, when he/she made their first features, budget, crew size, shooting locations, etc.) all navigable to discover the first attempts of the masters of film.  Our FF Youtube Channel is a place to see early director interviews, rare behind-the-scenes clips, trailers, and much more.  FF on Facebook allows you to connect with your local film community, schedule and join group screenings, or simply engage in a dialog about film.   Follow FF on Twitter to stay updated on First Features that are playing in NYC.



FF at The New School holds free monthly screenings at the University, located in the heart of New York City.   On one Friday each month, a different First Feature Film is shown in The New School Theater and introduced by graduate students and alumni of the university.